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Welcome to our web site!

Filipino American Republicans of Bay County is the first Filipino political organization ever formed in Bay County.  We are a non profit organization and chartered by the Republican Party of Florida Executive Committee.  We, the Filipino Republicans, are proud to share with you our activities, accomplishments and contributions to American political mainstream.   Please enjoy your visit and we hope that you would join with the rest of us Filipinos in Bay County who believe in the Republican Principles and in promoting Filipino Political Empowerment in the USA.  


Filipino American Republicans of Bay County volunteered during President Bush's visit in Panama City in October 2004.  Filipino volunteers are making a difference in Bay County.  Front, Ainah Cervantes, (left to right) Helen St. Angelo, Letty Cervantes, Marilyn Mathias, Nora Perron, Anabel Peacock, Melba Buford, Connie Thompson, Evic Hewitt, and Jackie.

Father Pete of St. Dominic joined the prayer rally against abortion with over 100 participants

Filipino Republicans joined the prayer rally sponsored by St. Dominic Catholic Church.  More than 100 people participated the event including Father Pete and Father Ben.

Please email your questions to Nora Perron at


Filipino Republicans and Asians for Bush during Governor Jeb Bush's visit to Bay County on November 1, 2004.  From left to right, Hang Vu, Toy Sanderson, Connie Thompson, Supah Catlett, Lisa Edwards, Maria Downing, Sue Lethio, Nora Perron and Gov. Jeb Bush. 

We are blessed by having many gifts from God.  One of them is our organizational skill.  You can visit cities in US and you will always find a Filipino organizations established, sometimes more than one in one area.  In Bay County, many of our members are belong to several organizations.  I am proud to say that they are taking all the opportunities to learn and expand their knowledge whether in social, political or spiritual involvement.  Some of the Filipino Republicans, Asian American Coalition, Bisayan Connection and Greeters Ministry members are also belong to Republican Party of Bay County, Federated Republican Women, and the Woman's Club of Panama City.  Thank you everyone for sharing your knowledge and making a difference in our community.

FARBC is a non profit organization established in  2003 in Panama City, Florida by Nora Perron